32nd International Conference of
Agricultural Economists

Transformation Towards Sustainable Agri-Food Systems

NASC Complex, New Delhi, India | August 2-7, 2024


All Pre-Conference Workshops will happen on 2 August 2024 at the Conference venue (NASC Complex, New Delhi)

Workshop Title Organizer(s) Duration Summary

Assessing the impacts of international agricultural research: New methods, rigorous evidence, better decisions [SPIA Fest 2024]

CGIAR Standing Panel on Impact Assessment (SPIA)

Full day

Regional integration, sustainability and food security in South Asia

Munisamy Gopinath (University of Georgia, USA), Poornima Varma (IIM Ahmedabad, India), Sandro Steinbach (North Dakota State University, USA)

Full day

The bioeconomy and sustainable development

Madhu Khanna (University of Illinois, USA), Kutay Cingiz, Justus Wesseler (Wageningen University, Netherlands), David Zilberman (UC Berkeley, USA)

Full day

Transforming food systems in South Asia

Avinash Kishore, Derek Headey (IFPRI)

Full day

Transdisciplinary approaches in agri-food systems transformation research

Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Rui Benefica, Wei Zhang, Claudia Ringler (IFPRI), Manuel Narjes (Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT), Aymen Frija (ICARDA)

Half-day (morning)

Facilitating the rapid, Inclusive and sustainable rural transformation in Asian developing countries

Jikun Huang, Jinxia Wang (Peking University, China), Christopher Findlay (ANU, Australia)

Half-day (afternoon)

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